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Windows Phone Next App Star is a 21-day tournament style challenge between March 19th and April 8th

Windows Phone Next App Star is a contest designed to get developers more visibility with more customers by allowing them to compete for the chance to have their app featured in a Windows Phone prime-time TV ad in the U.S. For three weeks 64 apps will compete daily in head-to-head match ups, with the winner chosen by popular vote. The last app standing will be crowned Windows Phone Next App Star.

What we need you to do is vote for your favourite

Windows Phone Store offers more than 130,000 certified apps and games designed to help people personalize their Windows Phone through unique features like Live Tiles and Kids Corner. We work hard to inspire developers to deliver hundreds of new titles every day across the categories that matter most to our customers; things like music, gaming, social, entertainment and kids & family.

We need you to  vote on head-to-head app matchups via a beautiful Facebook page, sending the winner to the next round and registering each voter for a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 every day of the contest. This campaign is designed to impact both developers and consumers by highlighting the Windows Phone developer opportunity and showcasing a new wave of great apps on the platform. Windows Phone will be promoting matchups and announcing winners throughout the contest. So head to


The UK Developers selected are below so VOTE for your favourite

Name Country Hometown Category
didlr United Kingdom Bromsgrove, UK Social
Gimme Five United Kingdom Sheffield, United Kingdom Games / Puzzle And Trivia
WPCentral United Kingdom London, United Kingdom News And Weather / International
Cocktail Flow United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Lifestyle / Food And Dining

The following FAQ outlines why this competition is being undertaken

Q: What is Windows Phone Next App Star?

Windows Phone Next App Star is a tournament-style challenge to give one developer the chance to see their app featured in a Windows Phone TV ad campaign in the US. 64 apps and games will compete head-to-head over a 3-week period. The 64 apps will be divided into two categories – free and paid – and organized into a single-elimination head-to-head matchup bracket, with winners determined by public voting until one grand prize App Star winner is left standing.

Contest voters can vote on every match-up once per round, while also receiving one entry per vote for a chance to win a new Windows Phone 8 device. If the voter selects “share” at the end of each round, and at least one friend follows the link, the voter’s number of entries toward a new device will be automatically doubled for that and future rounds of voting.

All 64 developer challengers will receive a new Nokia Windows Phone 8, a 1-year free Dev Center subscription and featured promotion in the Windows Phone Store. Developers will continue to win prizes for each round they win. The final App Star winner will receive all previously mentioned prizes and the app will be included in a Windows Phone television campaign in the U.S.

Q: Why you we hosting this contest? Are you simply trying to spur development of more Windows Phone apps?
Microsoft has featured 152 apps and games in TV commercials since the launch of Windows Phone 8. This contest gives our developers a chance to have their apps featured and puts the power to decide into the voting public. Next App Star gives developers what they want most – a shot at the big time. The contest will give great exposure to 64 new apps, while giving one lucky winner a primetime TV ad placement. Windows Phone Store is all about giving developers the most ways to be successful.

Q: Won’t existing popular apps have an unfair advantage?

Windows Phone Next App Star is about helping new and rising developers get the credit and support they need to reach the next level. Any app already featured in a TV ad is ineligible as are any apps published by Microsoft, Microsoft employees, and our hardware and mobile operator partners.

Q: How were apps selected to be entered into the contest (developers)?
The Windows Phone Store team reviewed apps that developers opted-in and submitted, making a determination based on ratings and app quality. The assessment was based 50% on customer ratings from March 6, 2013 to March 12, 2013, and 50% on our evaluation of the app’s quality, based on published criteria. More developer guidance is available at

Q: How will the winning App Star be selected (consumers)?

The Windows Phone App Star is determined by public Internet voting at starting March 19, 2013. Voting guidelines are available at

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