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One of the questions I have had this week, is from Mobile development course leaders, how they can teach, Windows Phone, iOS and Android in the same lab? 

For the first time ever, you can write native iOS apps in Visual Studio using C#.

So I know a number of academics love  Resharper, Team Foundation Server, and the entire Visual Studio ecosystem, so hopefully the following information will make your life is now complete.

Another key aspect of mobile development is code portability simply put the Sharing code between iOS, Android and Windows and with the Xamarin iOS plug this has just got a whole lot easier.

Xamarin iOS for Visual Studio allows iOS applications to be written and tested on Windows computers, with a networked Mac providing the build and deployment service.

This article covers the steps to install and configure the Xamarin iOS tools on each computer, in order to build iOS applications using Visual Studio.

Developing for iOS inside Visual Studio provides a number of benefits:

  • Creation of a single cross platform solution for iOS, Android and Windows applications.
  • Using Visual Studio tools (such as Resharper and Team Foundation Server) for all your cross-platform projects, including iOS source code.
  • Using the familiar (for existing Visual Studio developers) code editor, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio supports configurations where Visual Studio is running inside a Windows virtual machine on a Mac (eg. using Parallels or VMWare).

Watch the following video for more information


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    You can watch my talk from #techdaysbe if you'd like more details of how to use xamarin in combination with mvvmcross. This allows you to target multiple mobile devices with a great deal of code reuse.…/84

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    "This article covers the steps to …" Ummmm… perhaps I missed something, but this article didn't tell me the steps to do anything.

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