Kinect for Windows now on CodePlex


Kinect for Windows samples are now available under an open source license. 

You can find everything on CodePlex:

Why is this now on CodePlex?

  1. Easy Access -> we will continue to release our sample applications as part of our Developer Toolkit.  However, that’s a large download & install that can be cumbersome if you just want to quickly view or access code on the web
  2. Reuse The Code -> we’re releasing all the samples under an Apache 2.0 license so that you can take the code and reuse, remix, etc.  Also, we’re using a Git repository so it’s easy clone & fork if you want
  3. Get Feedback -> we will use CodePlex's built-in feedback & discussion tools to get community input on the samples.  We want to hear from you to understand what we can do better with the samples
  4. Faster Updates -> we will be able to update samples more quickly on CodePlex (compared to Toolkit releases). 

New Blog Resources

The new developer blog will focus on going behind the scenes with the K4W engineering team and will go deeper on the technology and APIs, share tips & tricks, and provide other titbits of information relevant to those building K4W applications.

Dedicated Twitter @KinectWindows

What About KinectforWindows blog?

Our existing product blog will continue to focus on announcements, product news, and highlighting great, real-world uses of Kinect for Windows and will remain the site for material in relation to the SDK.

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