FREE Windows Azure Construct2 Plugin for gaming backend services.

This plugin for Construct 2 makes it easy to integrate the power of Azure Mobile Services into your games for Windows 8. Saving to the cloud is a great way to seamlessly store data for achievements, leaderboards, save games, user data and lots more!

Example basic use case:

The player gets a new high score and wants to post it online so others can try and beat them! With this plugin they can login using either Facebook, Microsoft, Google or Twitter and add their score to an Azure database. Then when they go to the leaderboards page, they can pull down the data and see how they rank! They can even make use of advanced filtering and sorting to see only their scores, scores from a specific user and more!

Advanced use case:

After rolling your own level editor you want a way for users to be able to save their creations privately and securely in the cloud. Using authentication you can filter levels by user so only they can see/edit their own creations, until they choose to publish then other users will be able to play, rate and comment.

Download the .c2addon plugin file (r120.2 and above only)

.capx example file

View the documentation online

View the source on CodePlex

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