Are you a gaming student? Want to be Mobile App Developer? Want to be an Indie? Do you need £10,000? Get building your portfolio and win an awesome prize

Rapid2D £10,000 Competition
Want to be a Mobile App Developer Do you need £10,000?

If so, we have a competition that could provide you with just that! Rapid2D, the brand new Game Engine (which is designed specifically for developing on the Windows 8 platform) is running a competition which has a first prize of £10,000. That's a serious amount of money! The competition involves making a number of apps for the Windows 8 Marketplace.


Each entry can be an individual or a team; the competition rules, terms and conditions are the same whether you enter as an individual or a team. If entering as a team, the maximum number of people allowed in any one team is SIX, including the team captain. Each entry - whether the entrant is an individual or a team - must publish a minimum of FIVE apps per entry in order to be entered for the prize draw and have the chance of winning the first prize of £10,000. If 6 or more games are published, the individual or team will receive one additional entry into the prize draw.

Team area

When you enter the competition you will be given access to a team progress area where you can enter the names and statuses of the games as they are produced. Please note that you must self-publish every app you produce to the UK Windows 8 Store. Just entering the name and status of the game on your progress page within Rapid2D does not constitute publishing the app. You must publish every app to the UK Windows 8 Store in order for it to be considered for this competition.


The closing date for app publication to the UK Windows 8 Store is 11:59:59pm GMT on 2nd April 2013. All apps which are to be considered for the competition must be published to the UK Windows 8 Store by this time. Apart from the main prize of £10,000 there will be runner up prize for 2nd place of an Xbox 360 console and games bundles for each individual entrant or member of the runner up teams.
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Comments (2)

  1. Sense says:

    This is not awesome. They'd be paying 2K an app (to the first place winner) and getting all the others for free. I bet when you submit the app it becomes the property of Microsoft etc… why work all that time to give it away. Total ***.

  2. Lee Stott says:


    I think you need to read the instructions this is competition from Rapid2d not Microsoft see the full T&Cs here…/Rapid2D_Competition_T&Cs.pdf

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