GameSalad & Creating Games for Windows 8


GameSalad launched their Windows 8 support back in September. Since that time game developers have ported over many of their games to the brand new platform.

For the past few days I have been short listing and selecting my team of Windows Games Ambassadors. Its been interesting process and yes I have had to play all the entries. What has been interesting is the vast array of engines and frameworks the applicants have used for the final assessment, which was a task to build a Windows 8 Games in around 10 days. The technologies and frameworks ranged from C++/DX, C# to GameMaker, Construct2 and even Touchdevelop

So I wanted to highlight the opportunity of GameSalad as only a few of the applicants used this. GameSalad will no doubt become pretty popular as its a HTML5/JS visual, drag & drop interface with support for complex behaviour library which therefore provide almost limitless freedom to game designers additionally GameSalad asset can be used in Construct2 so the visual drag and drop opportunity is becoming pretty competitive.

To help demonstrate the power of GameSalad I thought I would quickly highlight some games which have used GameSalad in their production.

Check out these games. Download them. Buy them. If you want to develop your own game, download the GameSalad Creator. If you’re a current student, check out the discount licensing available from Studica offers for GameSalad.

Is your GameSalad game in the Windows Store and not listed above? Let me know in the comments!

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