Rapid2D C++ DirectX 11.1 Educational Gaming engine for Windows 8


Rapid2D is the only game engine that is specifically designed to produce Windows 8

The following Tutorials are available

There will be 9 templates each with a basic description released at: http://www.rapid2d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=46

There is an editor and a scripting manual on the download page of rapid2d: http://www.rapid2d.com/downloads.html  


Rapid2D  will be doing lots more tutorials in both worksheet and video form in the near future and have released an amazing competition where you can WIN £10,000!

The Rapid2D £10,000 Competition is now open. To find out more click here, and to enter click here.

If you have already entered, you can login to your team area here.

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