Want to pimp your Windows Phone 8 emulator – well here you go http://wp8emulatorskins.codeplex.com/


If you want to change the look of your Windows Phone 8 emulator


You can now do this using the WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher to make it look like a Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X or Samsung Ativ S. Which is perfect for when you need to run demos and the emulators during a presentation.

Here are some of the awesome devices available

HTC_8S_Blue_Skin_Up_480x800 HTC_8S_Orange_Skin_Up_480x800 HTC_8X_Neon_Skin_Down_720x1280 HTC_8X_Red_Skin_Down_720x1280 Nokia_Lumia_820_Cyan_Skin_Up_480x800 Nokia_Lumia_820_Red_Skin_Up_480x800 Nokia_Lumia_920_Grey_Skin_Up_768x1280 Nokia_Lumia_920_Red_Skin_Up_768x1280 Samsung_ATIV_S_Skin_Down_720x1280 Nokia_Lumia_820_Yellow_Skin_Down_480x800 Nokia_Lumia_920_White_Skin_Up_768x1280 Nokia_Lumia_920_Yellow_Skin_Up_768x1280

Getting Started

Using the emulator skin switcher is easy. download the latest release, install it and launch the application. select the skin you want to use and restart the emulator. it should now use your selected emulator skin. You can select a different skin for each resolution.

Download the Emulator Skin Switcher from http://wp8emulatorskins.codeplex.com/

emulator skin switcher 720 emulator skin switcher wvga

Comments (2)

  1. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Indra

    You simply download the zip file

    Double click on WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher

    You will then be prompted with a Windows Smartcreen warning which if you click ok will close the windows

    Click More info instead of ok

    Once you click more info a new window will appear click select Run Anyway this will install the app and add a application called WP* Emulator Skin Switcher.

    Hope this helps


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