Global Game Jam 2013


Exciting gifts for Global Game Jam UK venues.

I pleased to announce that Microsoft will be providing Global Game Jam prizes for UK venues.

The UK venues will hosting a differentiator competition based on building games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as part of the differentiator we will be offering prizes for the for the best game jam game made for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 at each UK Global Game Jam venue.


To top it off, we are also offering a national prize selected from all the UK GGJ games that makes it to the marketplace by the end of February.

To enter this competition there will be an online entry system  at which will go live during the Global Game Jam, teams simply need to register online and confirm the details of their games Windows store/marketplace submission,

So what are you waiting for! Get over to and register today and check out the following resources.

Windows Phone

Windows 8

Ubelly Gaming Resources

Developer Resources, Camps and howtos –

Even if your not physically attending a Game Jam you can enter the following online competition.

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