The Windows Phone 2nd edition of the Design Challenge perfect challenge for design students


The Windows Phone team is launching the 2nd edition of the Design Challenge in partnership with design magazine Core77, who just posted a teaser.



The Challenge opens officially on December 13, but you can now pre-register today at Design concepts are due on the 1st week of February 2013.

Find out more at

The challenge is targeting primarily designers in the who are asked “to design an app for Windows Phone 8 that shows how you want to create, connect or impress the pants off your future self.

This year’s edition includes additional education material for Designers and Developers:

- Windows Phone Design Boot Camps Video Series: This video series provides insights to help your app stand out from the crowd. Learn how fundamental principles and specialized practices culminate in beautiful Windows Phone 8 application designs

- Lightning Design Reviews: Get valuable feedback from experienced Windows Phone 8 interface designers before submitting your entry to the challenge or even if you already have an app in the store

- Amp Up Your App Show: We are looking at interesting apps which could use some help on the design form. Selected candidates will receive thorough guidance to do a makeover, and we will showcase the story in the new Channel9 series “Amp Up Your App” with Laura Foy.

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