Windows Phone 8 Resources and Stats.



Following last month’s launch of the Windows Phone 8 developer platform, and on the heels of strong critical acclaim and consumer response.

So if your currently learning or being taught Windows Phone development, we encourage you to start getting developing now for Windows Phone 8.

We hope you’ve downloaded the new Windows Phone 8 SDK and taken time to explore the new features and APIs. If you haven’t already viewed it, don’t miss Windows Phone Program Manager Peter Torr’s video on what Windows Phone 8 means for developers.

Once you are ready to get started, please utilize this quick list of content and resources developed by our team to ensure you make the most of the new SDK.

Register and attend a local Dev Camp

If you have an existing app, learn more about how to utilize shared code.

Learn how to implement new and differentiated Windows Phone 8 features, including in-app purchase, Lenses, Fast resume and much more.

Check out the Windows Phone API Quickstart for an easy reference guide as you get started developing.

To complement the U.S. figures we shared publicly last week, check out the latest worldwide stats on our growing number of developers, app downloads and submissions, and paid app revenue:

Microsoft, Worldwide, October 27 – November 30, 2012

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