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New Windows 8 game competition

Scirra are excited to announce a new competition! see

Create a game or port an existing one with Construct 2 and then successfully publish it to the Windows 8 Store by December 21st to be entered into the competition.

  • 1st Prize: a Windows 8 tablet, a Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 920 and Construct 2 Business license
  • 2nd Prize: a Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 920 and Construct 2 Business license
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th: Xbox 360 games bundle and Construct 2 Personal license
  • 6th-9th: Xbox 360 games bundle
  • 10th: Xbox 360 games bundle and a flying monkey

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will also of course get gold, silver and bronze trophy profile badges as well!

How to enter
  1. Develop your game in Construct 2 and export for Windows 8. You can use the Free edition!
  2. Register as a Windows 8 publisher on the Windows 8 Store to publish your game. Note there is a fee to sign up a Windows 8 developer account, around $50 depending on your country. FREE for Student via for additional details see
  3. Consider incorporating some of the new Windows 8 features available like Snap View, Live Tiles and Share functionality
  4. Submit your game for publishing on the Windows Store
  5. Once your game has been published, let us know about it before December 21st for a chance to win!
Submission dates

You need to confirm that you have submitted your game for publishing to the Windows Store by December 21st, 2012 for a chance to win.

Send an email to with your name, the title of your entry, and a link to the Store page to register your entry.

A select panel of judges from Scirra and Microsoft will choose 10 games as the finalists and from that group of 10 we will select prize winners based on the criteria below, and will notify winners by January 11th, 2013.

Note your game must be published in the store to be considered for entry, so you'll have to be quick - allow a week for the store acceptance process, which means submitting to the store by the 14th! You can enter existing games that you've ported from other platforms, and that might help you make an entry quickly.

Unfortunately  apps that were published to the Windows Store before the start of this competition are not valid- they must be new submissions. However you can still submit an existing game that has not yet been submitted to the Windows Store.

What are the judges looking for
  • Games must be created with Construct 2
  • Implementation of key Windows 8 features including Snap View, Live Tiles and Share functionality
  • Games that are unique, creative and innovative
  • Games that are consumer friendly
Tips and Advice

Use the Windows 8 object in Construct 2 to access Windows 8 features.

Note the latest beta releases include more features, such as the ability to share images and screenshots of your game. See also our guide on How to make a Windows 8 app.

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