TouchDevelop Web App Preview at runs on Windows, iOS, Android

New feature now available in Microsoft TouchDevelop, the mobile programming environment.

TouchDevelop Web App Preview at runs on

  • PCs with Internet Explorer 10 or the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox
  • Microsoft Surface and other devices running Windows RT
  • iPad 2 or later (including the mini)
  • iPhone 4 or later
  • various Android phones and tablets with Chrome
  • Macs with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome or Firefox

For Windows Phone 7/8 you can get the fully featured app in the Windows Phone Store that can access even more sensors and data.

Create apps ON any devices - smartphones, tablets, PCs

We have quite some fun testing the latest TouchDevelop releases on many different devices…


TouchDevelop is a modern programming environment


TouchDevelop lets you create and run apps on pretty much any modern computing device you might own from smartphones to tablets and even PCs. TouchDevelop features a predictive on-screen code keyboard and a touch-optimized programming language.

Having been designed for mobile devices from the ground up, TouchDevelop is an excellent option for programming on touchscreen devices without keyboards. You can also use it with a traditional keyboard and mouse if your device supports them.


After you have designed your fun game or a useful tool, you can share it with other people with a single tap or mouse click, so that they can run it or tweak it. More than 12,000 scripts have already been shared with over 40,000 users who have signed in to the TouchDevelop experience.


Education and Learning


TouchDevelop is also an excellent option for learning programming.

The high-level programming languages makes it super easy to create simple apps. But TouchDevelop is not just for beginners – for more complicated tasks only sky is the limit, thanks to the underlying powerful language and extensive library support.

Touch Develop for Building Windows 8 and Windows Phone Store Apps

If the TouchDevelop environment is not enough, you can export true apps and submit them to the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store to start earning money and building a portfolio

Try it now!

Start coding with the Web App in your browser at or get the Windows Phone app.

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Win cash by developing apps with TouchDevelop! Winners will take the stage in Las Vegas at a special live event during IEEE CCNC 2013.*

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