Top tips for iOS devs building Windows Store apps

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Last week at Build, Aaron Hillegass, an existing well known iOS developer, who has worked for Apple and is the founder of Big Nerd Ranch an iOS training and consulting company, presented tips for iOS developers.

In his presentation he discusses his Top 10 tips.

1/ You already know how to build apps

2/ Embrace Microsoft design

3/ Tools

4/ Lotsa layouts

5/ Controls

6/ Model driven

7/ Use contracts

8/ Leverage Trials and Store APIs

9/ Live Tiles

10/ Help is on the way (Windows 8 for iOS developers – Training)

To view this excellent presentation simply click the link  or watch the video below

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  1. Lee Stott says:

    Jesse Freeman has produced the following article for iOS developers, exploring the opportunity of Indies, Bring Your Games to Windows 8…/indies-bring-your-games-to-windows-8

    Jesse discusses the following areas

    Are there free tools?

    I don’t want to pay a developer fee or app store tax!

    Can I use C++ for Windows 8 games?

    What about HTML5 games on Windows 8?

    What about IAPs (In-app purchases)?

    What about OpenGL and WebGL?

    What can you do to help?

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