Channel9 Windows 8 Videos and Build Keynote


Channel 9 has 85 new videos on Windows 8.

There are over 30 in their “Introducing Windows 8” series. These are great starter and include all the necessary information for anyone wanting to get started on Windows 8 ( i.e. here’s what Share means, here’s what Search means )

There are also some really interesting video on the following subject areas which are great for students wanting to develop application portfolios

1) Enterprise Deployment -

2) Understanding Windows Store





3) Accessibility videos



Don't forget Windows Build starts today 30/10/12


Stay tuned, because Microsoft's BUILD conference is rapidly approaching, and Windows Phone will be there. BUILD sold out in record time this year, and if you weren't one of the lucky few who got a spot, don't worry, because the entire event will be streamed live.

Build 2012

Build 2012 Redmond, WA, October 30 - November 2, 2012, 136 sessions Live Stream

At Build, we'll dive deep to cover all the areas you care about. How to design and build beautiful Windows 8 apps. How to sell your apps in the Windows 8 Store and make money. And much more. Join us on the Microsoft Campus for 4 days of extraordinary presentations delivered by the…

//Build Resources

We're looking forward to going in depth with you on what's new in Windows Phone 8 for developers. Watch Channel 9 for session content 24-48 hours post-event.

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