Three Thing Game Saturday 27th October

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Three Thing Game has now started 40 teams with 160 students in attendance across two computer labs at the University of Hull

here is a quick update of the day so far..

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Saturday 27th October  

1.00 pm XNA Rob Miles XNA session


Here is selection of Demos from Rob's presentation:

You can find all the demos here.

Here are links to the some of the code we developed in the session, plus a bonus “coloured cloud” version.

You can find a video of the presentation here, from Mix 11 in Las Vega where is was first presented. You can get a free XNA book from here.

2:00 pm Mono Game Development on Windows 8 Presented in Lecture Theatre A by the MonoGame team and Microsoft. 


Here is a copy of the presentation and I will make available Dean Windows 8 Store App demo of the 3D XNA tank via an Appx Package later today. 

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