Using the right tone of voice for your brand

Many of you are aware that a few months ago my colleague Andrew Spooner (@andspo) developed a series of films which focused on various aspects of digital design and user experience.

A number of UK Universities used these videos as part of their guest lecture series, with the launch of Windows 8 Andrew is currently producing a new set of videos, the first of which has been taken up by .net magazine.

The concept of the video is based upon how we use words in our applications and how we can use tone of voice more consistently across communications, from the application to the error message.

Andrew simple focus is help you understand, that when you consider the wider context of an application and the various places where you talk to your users, be consistent with your tone and ultimately, create more beautiful applications.

Here’s a link to the article and the latest film:

Andrew has presented a number of  design events and spoken in more detail about the series of films. If you have creative events coming up, or if any of your interested in hearing from a expert design/UX  speakers from Microsoft for large events, do get in contact.

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