2 years to go before Windows XP is unsupported, and how do you move to Windows 8?

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I have had a number of questions recently from institutions..

Simply asking.

How can we move from Windows XP to Windows 8 to allow my students to use the latest developer tools and build apps and portfolios for Windows Phone and Windows 8?

A key issues many institutions even point out to me is that many of their students were born after XP was released, yes Windows XP was released in 2001 so well before things like Xbox, Skype, LinkedIn Video Chat and many more things we simply take for granted.

So  if your interested in moving away from 11 year old Y reg car. to Windows 8, you need to plan carefully the migration, and this October holiday will be one of the first opportunities for many of the classrooms around the country to be updated.

Welcome to the Springboard Series

Springboard Resource Guide for Windows 8

This series of resources is focused on the five key stages of rolling out Windows 8, and provides information that answers key questions:

  • Explore - Windows XP is good enough, why should I care?
  • Plan - Does it work in my environment? How do we prepare?
  • Deliver - What can I do to make deployment easier and faster?
  • Operate - How do I manage risk? How do I maintain control?
  • Support - Where can I find help and support?

The Resource Guide has links to over 70 detailed documents which will help you to understand what Windows 8 does, how to plan the deployment, and what tools are available to make it easier.

For an education institutions, there are a number of documents which would be especially useful, including information on:

  • Bitlocker – to encrypt sensitive data on staff computers, especially laptops
  • Windows To Go – to create a Windows 8 environment on a USB stick that staff or students could use on non-managed PCs (for example, to have a
  • AppLocker – to allow you to control which applications are run on which computers
  • Microsoft Security Compliance Manager – to allow you to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy whilst maintain information securit

Download the Spring Resource Guide for Windows 8

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