What are the key things I should check before submitting my app to store? Follow this 7 step guide.


1. Build a single, flexible app vs. many replicated apps. - For example, a book publisher should not publish 100s of apps, one for each book. Rather, the publisher should deliver a single app that allows the user to browse their full book catalogue.

2. Check privacy requirement (Certification Requirement 4.1).  This is by far the most common reason for failure – well over half of submissions fail on this requirement.  The good news is that in the vast majority of cases, this is simply a documentation issue that does not require code changes, i.e., providing a link to the apps privacy policy on the Description page. 

3. Another very common reason for failure that is simple to fix is inappropriate Age Rating.

4. Ensure all app builders run the WACK before app submission.

5. Take advantage of App Fast Track (AFT) review where appropriate.

6. Familiarize yourself and app builders you engage with App Certification Tips on the Dev Center:  Common Certification Failures and Guidance for Resolving Certification Failures.

7.  Review apps locally before app submission with Store certification requirements in mind.


Further Resources

Windows 8 App Store Requirements – https://aka.ms/storereq

Resolving certification errors – https://aka.ms/storefix

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  1. Arun Mahendrakar says:

    What is App Fast Track? Any link where I can find more details?


  2. Lee Stott says:


    These are the Windows 8 App Clinics

    For Developers & Designers who want need help with their Windows 8 app development

    We will have a team of technical and marketing experts on standby ready to answer any question you have about Window 8 app development – whether it be questions about an idea for an app, development, design, getting your app into the Windows Store, or any other burning question you have.


  3. Lee Stott says:

    Windows Store App Labs are places where app builders can get technical help from Windows experts, and very soon will be able to access the newest Windows 8 devices and receive design guidance from designers and digital agencies.

    Get technical guidance from Windows 8 experts

    Our Windows experts are on hand to review your app and offer you any technical advice you need. They can help you with coding tips, debugging, and prepping your app to submit to the Windows Store.

    Check out and test the newest Windows 8 devices

    The labs are stocked with the latest Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors including Windows RT tablets like Microsoft Surface, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones, and more. Come in and test your app on a variety of screen sizes, input methods, and architectures.  The App Labs will have Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors for you to try out and test your apps on.

    Get design guidance from leading edge design agencies

    You can also meet with designers and digital agencies who can provide design tips that really make your app stand out. Designers are available to review your app mock-ups or your complete app and provide feedback on how you can improve your app’s layout, live tile, navigation, and other UI elements.

    Where are the app labs located?

    The Windows Store App Labs are located in Modern Jago in London. To begin with, appointments can be made every Monday from 29th October

    App Builders can go to http://www.windowsstore.com/applabs to reserve a time slot

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