Xamarin now supports Azure Services


Xamarin is partnering with Windows Azure Mobile Services to expand the Mobile Services SDK to iOS and Android platforms. Xamarin products empower more than 175,000 developers to write native apps for iOS and Android—all in C#.

Mobile Services and Xamarin share a common goal: freeing developers to focus on what really matters.  Mobile Services reduces the friction of configuring a scalable and secure backend and lets mobile app developers focus on delivering a fantastic user experience.  Xamarin allows mobile app developers to make the most of C#, and enables mobile developers to support more devices with less code.

For tutorials and more information on how to get started, please visit the Xamarin blog and developer center.


The announcement on the Azure team blog:


We're pretty excited about this one, as it means that C# developers can use the same code to access Azure services from iOS, Android, or Windows.

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