Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event 12th Sept


This week sees the launch of Visual Studio 2012.  On the 12th of Sept we launch Visual Studio 2012 with Jason Zander CVP who will be presenting the keynote.

This is where the development of apps really starts!  Visual Studio 2012 is the most significant Tools product we have ever launched and has been 18 months in the making. 

Visual Studio 2012 is key to enabling Agile software development.

Tim Anderson has been recently been undertaking interviews for The Register and The Guardian.  If you’re not familiar with his work then you can see the first review he has written here: Visual Studio 2012: 50 Shades of Grey by Microsoft

The launch of Visual Studio 2012 on the 12th of September will be streamed on line:

Visual Studio 2012 Roadshow

During the first week of Oct the UK Visual Studio team will be travelling the country bringing the launch experience to Edinburgh, Manchester, London and Reading.  Further details about the Roadshow can be found here:   Visual Studio 2012 Launch Roadshow

Download Visual Studio Now

Visual Studio 2012 can be downloaded for free from Microsoft DreamSpark

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  1. Long time ms user says:

    Abd it's ugly as sin. Only your hubris prevents you from seeing that.

  2. vs2010 user says:

    yeah, it may be ugly but it have tons of new useless features!

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