Windows Azure Educator and Student Passes


Windows Azure Educator Grants are a great way for you and your students to get access to Azure for the duration of your class. These passes are available for faculty teaching Azure.

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Azure in Education Passes

· 5 month passes for PAAS: Any educator may apply online requesting access, and sharing the course name he/she is teaching, and how many students/passes they are requesting.  

· NEW 5 Month passes teach with IAAS: Premium services will be enabled, to include 3 core = 2 small VMs (Windows or Linux VMs.), 10 Free Website/  Media Services(TBC)..

· NEW 12 month passes for Educators.  Any educator applying for a grant, will receive an educator pass that is 12-months long and renewable, as part of their class request.

· Imagine Cup Passes – Competitors will be offered passes

For additional questions or special requests email

Comments (2)

  1. Brian Hainey says:


    I have already received a set of education passes for use with my students but before the inclusion of IAAS functionality as mentioned above.

    Will this be added to the passes already issued?


  2. Lee Stott says:


    If you contact they can add this feature to your account if it isn't already enabled you will need to provide the information which you received initial to confirm your academic status.


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