Windows Azure Curriculum Pack Update


New  curriculum resources for teaching Cloud Computing topics using Windows Azure are now available on Faculty Connection.

This new modular course provides information about Cloud Computing in general and Windows Azure and Windows Azure SQL Database in particular.  The tutorials cover how to develop for the Windows Azure environment and how to use SQL Database as the back-end RDBMS.  Creating Virtual Machines and using Web Sites so the new Azure functionality is  also included.

· Windows Azure and SQL Database

· Windows Azure and SQL Database (Instructor Supplement)

The content can be used in class as part of a Cloud Computing course, as a course on Windows Azure, or for self-paced independent learning

This material is an intermediate level and the prerequisites are a beginner level of C# Programming Skills, the ability to use basic features of Visual Studio and a conceptual understanding of Relational Databases. 

The Lab Environment requires  a minimum VS 2010 or VS 2012 Express for Web, 4 GB RAM, and Internet access.

The audience for this material is students who have completed an Introduction to Programming course and have basic programming skills.  No previous knowledge of Cloud Computing is required.  The first module starts from the basics and builds the knowledge required for more advanced topics.

The following 6 modules are included in this content:

· Module 1: Overview of Cloud Computing

· Module 2: Windows Azure Fundamentals

· Module 3: Windows Azure Storage

· Module 4: Windows Azure SQL Database – The Fundamentals

· Module 5: More about Windows Azure SQL Database

· Module 6: Virtual Machines and Web Sites

Each module consists of a lecture and a lab.  The lab exercises are designed for 2 hour sessions for a student who has completed an introductory course on programming, preferably using C#.

The Instructor Supplement contains the Lab Solutions and is available for  “faculty only”, i.e. will require Faculty Connection membership to download.

These curriculum materials augment our Cloud Computing resources and are designed to support the  Windows Azure Academic Passes program.

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