Some Interesting news for Institutions using Visual Studio and Unity



There was some very interesting news this week for the hundreds of UK Gaming course and thousands of UK gaming students from the Unite 12 conference in Amsterdam.

An announcement was made by Unity CEO that the Unity games engine is to support Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, after an update to version 4 of the multiplatform tool.

The news emerged during the opening keynote of the Unite 12 Unity user conference this week in Amsterdam where David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. Stated “Our mission at Unity has always been to provide solutions for developers to effortlessly bring their work to as many different platforms as possible,The Unity community has been asking for access to Windows Phones and have been eagerly anticipating the release of Windows 8. We’re happy to announce that we will support both.”

The number of high quality Unity-authored games for the PC, Xbox, and mobile devices already created is staggering and we’re looking forward to seeing these products appear in the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Marketplace. So if your an existing Unity developer or academic teaching Unity this is great news to allow your students to develop and make available apps on a multitude of OS’s. No date has  been confirmed for the update, but Unity 4 Pre Order are now open via 



Another interesting announcement was also made for existing Unity and Visual Studio Users by Syntax Tree with a product called UnityVS.


Simply put UnityVS is a Visual Studio plugin for programmers using Unity. It lets you write and debug your scripts inside Visual Studio. for more details see

Microsoft Resources

At we list options for developing Windows 8 games.

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