Visual Studio 2012 and Windows on DreamSpark

Due to the number of comments I have had on this post, I just wanted to confirm what products will be available under DreamSpark for students.

MSDN Subscriber Downloads: August 15th, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 are available as of, August 15th, on MSDN Subscriber Downloads to DreamSpark Subscribers.

To confirm DreamSpark Premium Subscription Program Administrators may follow these steps to get immediate access to the software:

1) Visit

2) Sign in with the Windows Live ID associated with their DreamSpark Subscription

3) Search for the product of choice and click on “Download”

4) To acquire product keys the administrator may click on “Product Keys” and “Get Key” for applicable SKUs.

a. Note: Not all Visual Studio 2012 SKUs require a product key.

5) The file will be downloaded in .iso format.

a. Click here for instructions on how to use .iso files. and ELMS WebStore: August 25th, 2012 for student downloads

Please see the SKU Availability Matrix below for specifics on which products will be available on, and through DreamSprk Premium ELMS Institutional WebStores.  The SKUs highlighted in red will be available starting August 25th, with the remaining releasing in a week thereafter, To confirm, Windows desktop operating systems are only available to students at education institutions which have purchased a DreamSpark premium subscription for STEM based disciplines .

Note: these SKUs will be available in the following languages on the 25th, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional, with rolling releases of additional languages following on a week after:  

For Visual Studio SKUs a separate Portuguese-Brazil language pack will be required, and will also be available on the 25th.

Product SKU Availability Matrix

Subscription Level

Product SKU


DreamSpark Premium

Visual Studio Professional 2012



Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web



Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows



Visual Studio Premium 2012


Visual Studio Ultimate 2012


Visual Studio TFS Express 2012



Visual Studio TFS Server 2012



Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2012



Team Explorer Everywhere for TFS




Windows 8


Windows 8 Debug/Checked Build


Windows 8 Enterprise


Comments (80)

  1. kishhr says:

    This seems to be a lot promising for beginners to learn on windows 8 and Visual studio 2012, will both have same set of features, i am asking in terms of functionality for building applications

  2. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Kishhr

    If your asking which products do you need to build windows 8 Windows Store, Metro Style Apps then you should be using either

    Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows


    Visual Studio Professional 2012

    You will also need Windows 8 installed. So at this time the RTM version of Windows 8. If your institution doesn't have a DreamSpark premium account you can download a 90 day evaluation version for FREE of Windows 8 from…/jj554510.aspx

  3. mark says:

    Will it be possible to install the Visual Studio Professional 2012 and 'upgrade' it with a Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 key afterwards?

  4. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Mark

    You can simply upgrade professional to Ultimate via a install of the Ultimate .ISO. The Ultimate SKU contains a lot more feature so requires to be installed, this can be simply installed to replace VS2012 professional.

  5. Zeg says:

    Is Windows 8 (red color) prof or other version?

  6. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Zeg

    Yes this is the Pro version if you click on Product Keys for the one listed as just Windows 8 you will see an option for the Pro version key.  

  7. KR says:

    There is a glitch in the matrix.  Windows Server 2012 has been left out.  When is it available from the many different sources mentioned?

  8. Milo says:

    @Lee Stott Can we install msdn version and then enter key when windows 8 be available on dreamspark premium? Is it same SHA?

  9. Lee Stott says:


    Windows Server will be available around from Sept 4th 2012, the ISO will need to be repackaged for DreamSpark so it should be available around the 15th Sept as a estimation at this point.  See…/windows-8-and-windows-server-2012-milestones.aspx for further details of the Windows Server 2012 launch

  10. Lee Stott says:


    If your referring to the MSDN evaluation version which is a 90 day version See…/jj554510.aspx the answer is NO.

    Things to Know Before You Start using the 90 day evaluation version.

    The evaluation edition will expire and cannot be upgraded.

    To upgrade, the evaluation must be uninstalled and a non-evaluation version of Windows must be re-installed from your original installation media.

    Consider running the evaluation edition in a virtual environment or installing on a separate hard drive or partition. The will allow you to upgrade your original Windows installation to Windows 8.

    During registration (required) you must login with a Microsoft account and provide your name, e-mail address and country.

    You are required to activate the product online within 10 days after installing.

    Once the evaluation is installed, you cannot upgrade. To revert to a previous version of Windows, you must do a clean install from your original installation media.

  11. Milo says:

    @Lee Stott no i'm not referring about evalution copy i'm referring about retail copy because i have friend that have MSDN subscription i would take his retail dvd with SHA1: 1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4, i would install it without key and then later on enter a key, is that possible?

  12. Derek Foster says:

    Hi Lee, great news! Looking forward to digging around VS2012 to see what it has to offer our students above VS2010.

    One question – Windows  Phone dev is a big part of our teaching, any ETA on when the new SDK will be available for VS2012? Teaching starts next month so not much time to amend our current WP content for use with VS2012…..

  13. Lee Stott says:


    At this point I would suggest using VS 2010 Express for Phone 7.5 'Simply as its a smaller installation than VS2010' for continuing to teach Windows Phone if your Installing VS2012 or using Windows 8.

    Unfortunately I don't have any news on the availability of the SDK for Windows Phone 8 for Visual Studio 2012.

  14. According to this

    Windows 8 (x86) – DVD (English)

    ISO|English|Release Date: 15/8/2012|Details

    Product Keys


    2511 MB

    This file contains multiple products. Please refer to your product keys to determine which products are included with your subscription.

    For more information, please visit the Windows Dev Center.

    File Name: en_windows_8_x86_dvd_915417.iso

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 22D680EC53336BEE8A5B276A972CEBA104787F62

    Permalinks: File Download

    Available to these Subscription Levels:

    VS Premium with MSDN (Retail)

    VS Premium with MSDN (VL)

    VS Pro with MSDN (Retail)

    VS Pro with MSDN (VL)

    VS Test Pro with MSDN (Retail)

    VS Test Pro with MSDN (VL)

    VS Ultimate with MSDN (MPN)

    VS Ultimate with MSDN (NFR FTE)

    VS Ultimate with MSDN (Retail)

    VS Ultimate with MSDN (VL)


    BizSpark Admin

    Designer AA

    DreamSpark Premium

    Expression Professional (Retail)

    Expression Professional (VL)

    MSDN Essentials

    MSDN for Action Pack

    MSDN OS (Retail)

    MSDN OS (VL)

    VS Premium with MSDN (MPN)

    So this SKU of Windows 8 is also available on Dreamspark Premium, Why I don't see it in your post ?

  15. DuyNB says:

    So, which edition of Windows 8 – Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro will be available through ELMS WebStore?

  16. Zeg says:

    If Lee's post is trustfully, we will have enterprise edition. I think it is better then pro:)

  17. mjst12 says:

    I already have the English version of Windows 8 on my DreamSpark Premium. It must have appeared few hours ago.

  18. realkaka2204 says:

    Windows 8 Pro (32-bit & 64-bit) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Pro have released on Dreamspark Premium :X.

  19. Taikero says:

    It looks like downloading the RC or Consumer Preview will make you ineligible to download the retail version of Windows 8.

    I previously downloaded the Consumer Preview, and am getting the following error when I try to add the retail release to my cart: "The item cannot be added to your cart because you have already ordered this item (or a related item) and cannot order it again. You can view your previous order by clicking Your Account above. Download orders can be re-downloaded from there."

  20. realkaka2204 says:


    Same problem with you. I contact it to DreamSpark's support team. I hope that they fix it soon.

  21. John says:

    I see that VS2012 Pro is available at Dreamspark Premium, but VS2012 Ultimate is not. Will it be made available later or has it been dropped from Dreamspark Premium?

  22. Lee Stott says:

    Hi the download issues of Windows 8 RTM Via DreamSpark has been resolved.

  23. No it doesn't seem like that's fixed yet.

  24. Andrew Scott says:

    @realkaka2204, I had no trouble getting Windows 8 rtm.  I had gotten Windows 8 Release Preview and Consumer Preview from Dreamspark Premium.

  25. Dam it says:

    Windows 8 RTM available for students on DreamDpark since yesterday 23. Aug.


    Currently downloading…

  26. #Lee

    Can you confirm that 'Windows 8 Enterprise' will be available? Or did you actually mean 'Windows 8 Professional'?

  27. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Schliemann

    From the metric both 'Windows 8 Enterprise' and 'Windows 8 Professional' are available.


  28. Andrew Scott says:

    When will the Enterprise edition of Windows 8 and the Ultimate edition come to Dreamspark Premium?  I only see the professional version of each.

  29. Andrew Scott says:

    I mean the Ultimate version of Visual Studio. Sorry for the typo.

  30. Francesco says:

    When will the Visual Studio Ultimate edition come to Dreamspark Premium?  I only see the professional version.

  31. Jiri Beran says:

    I can also download only Win 8 Pro and VS 2012 Pro..

  32. Dan Regev says:

    When will the Visual Studio Ultimate edition become available for Dreamspark Premium users?

  33. Jiri Beran says:

    Dan Regev: It is mentioned in article.

    "The SKUs highlighted in red will be available starting August 25th, with the remaining releasing in a week thereafter"

  34. Chris McNear says:

    I am wondering the same thing. I am not seeing Windows 8 or VS 2012 except for the professional editions.  I see the RC version for the other SKU's but not RTM.

    Can we get some sort of response to the question that has been asked multiple times on multiple places?

    Is this something that needs to be handled by MS, by onthehub, or by our MSDNAA admins?


  35. Lee Stott says:


    Thanks for your question, If your using DreamSpark Premium with a Institutional ELMS Store you firstly need to contact your Uni ELMS administrators. Simply ask if they have enabled the products selection, they need to do this display the products in the ELMS store. If they have enabled these then they should escalate the issue with ELMS support. A number of Uni's simply haven't yet enabled all the products as term hasn't started yet and they may be presently on holiday.

  36. David Yanez says:

    I installed Windows 8 pro believing that there wouldn't be access to the enterprise edition for DreamSpark Premium users.

    Will it be possible to upgrade windows 8 pro to enterprise?


  37. Andrew Scott says:

    The Visual Studio 2012 premium has been posted.  It will not be long before the ultimate version of Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and Windows 8 enterprise gets posted.

  38. Andrew Scott says:

    Sorry for the typo.  I meant Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, not the ultimate version of Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.

  39. Robert E. Evans says:

    So, it's September 3rd, and neither Windows 8 Enterprise nor Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 can be seen anywhere on DreamSpark Premium. And that is not only the case on my University's DreamSpark Premium site, but also on all other DreamSpark Premium sites I've visited today (>15 sites).

  40. But says:

    @Robert E. Evans obviously you have missed that sept 1st was a saturday and sept 2nd was a sunday. do you work on that days, i don't.

  41. Robert E. Evans says:

    @But: Yes, I actually anticipated that; please note that I only made an observation (as Microsoft was really on time with all the other dates); and yes indeed some admins at our university give weekend support. 🙂

  42. Lee,

    Just to make sure that I am understanding you correctly, are you saying that VS 2012 Ultimate is now available for Dreamspark Premium, and, if it is not showing in our institutions' webstore that it is a result of our ELMS admin not enabling it? If this is the case I want to email them, but if it is not available yet I don't want to hassle them. Also what is the status on TFS 2012? Your post above shows that all of the remaining software is to be available a week after the initial release date of 8/25. I just want to be clear on the status from someone @ Microsoft before I begin the email storm.



  43. Lee Stott says:


    Windows 8 and VS2012 should be on your institutions ELMS store if your DreamSpark premium user, if you only have a DreamSpark account you will only have access to VS2012. Please contact your University administrator if the software is not showing. Here is a example of Teesside University ELMS Store showing Windows8 and VS2012…/ProductsByMajorVersionList.aspx so the products are available.

  44. Lee,

    Thanks for the quick response… I did look at the link you posted, and VS 2012 Ultimate is not available, and neither is TFS Server 2012 (Other than the Express Edition). Also, I had already contacted IEEE regarding Windows 8 not being available, and was told that Microsoft is not allowing them to provide Windows 8 to IEEE Dreamspark Premium Subscribers… can you confirm this?



  45. Lee Stott says:

    Nic, Sorry not aware of this? If your UK based please email

    If your registered at a University or college as a student, you can try their institutional stores ask your IT Admin. You can also sign in as a student on if your institution has a premium account you can download both Windows 8 client and VS2012. If your institution only has a DreamSpark account you can download VS2012.


  46. Lee,

    Did you see my question about the editions of VS 2012 and TFS 2012?


  47. Jiri Beran says:


    in ELMS Store of Teesside University I can see only Widnows 8 Pro and VS 2012 Premium. There is not Windows 8 Enterpise or VS 2012 Ultimate. It is exactly same as in my university…

  48. Chris McNear says:

    I am not seeing the ultimate edition (RTM) on any of the web stores I have looked at either.  I am not based in the UK but this is the only active thread about this issue that I have been able to find.  I have talked with my school's local admin and they say they have nothing to do with it. Any suggestions?

  49. Andrew Scott says:

    I checked multiple schools that allowed me to look at the products and still have not found Windows 8 Enterprise nor Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.

  50. realkaka2204 says:

    How long do we wait for VS 2012 Ultimate???????????? 🙁

  51. Lee Stott says:

    If your having issue then here are the support details


    All EMEA Service Center details:…/RSC.aspx

    For further information on Microsoft DreamSpark, please visit our website:

  52. Lee,

    Thanks for all of your help, but sadly the RSC was no help. There seems to be a lot of finger pointing going on here. The RSC says to contact the program admin, the program admin says that the software isn't available until Microsoft releases it… Can you help us at all??? BTW, if you look at the Teesside U. link that you provided, several (if not most) of the products that you provided in the list above are not there.

    Thanks again,


  53. Chris McNear says:

    I can second Nic's comment.  The admins say that MS has to enable the content,   RSC hasn't even gotten back to me yet in the states, and the onthehub support staff is basically non existent. You guys should never have switched to them doing it. But that's just a disgruntled customer speaking.

    So what's the official word on this from Microsoft?  Should we already have access to the rtm of visual studio ultimate and windows 8 enterprise. Or will these not be made available to students until sometime after they are public ally available?  Or will students not be getting these at all anymore.

    Lee you have been a great help through all of this, and I understand you are primarily the messenger. It would be nice if there were more messengers. Other articles or blogs that had status updates about this.

    Ok enough rambling hope my question is still discernible inside the rambling.

  54. Mircea says:

    VS 2012 premium is available at DreamSpark. VS 2012 ultimate is not yet available, as of yesterday evening.

  55. Chris McNear says:

    This is definitely starting to get frustrating….

    I have contacted the RSC for dreamspark and received a response that didn't really answer the question but directed me to contact kivuto (the vendor that provides the ELMS stores?).

    Is it still planned to make the ultimate editions of VS available on dreamspark premium? I know VS 2010 is still available in the ultimate version so why not VS 2012?  Isn't the whole point of the dreamspark program to get students "hooked" on your products early so they push their companies to buy them when they start working?

    Thank you.

  56. Andrew Scott says:

    @Lee, I contacted the Dreamspark RSC in the states and received an email back saying that the Enterprise Edition of Windows 8 were only lab keys used for school computers.  This is the email I received:

    This message is in response to your inquiry regarding Windows 8 Enterprise and Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.

    Thank you for contacting the DreamSpark support team. I can confirm that both Windows 8 Enterprise and Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate are available on the MSDN benefits portal for the DreamSpark program administrator. Please know, though Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate RC is available at the OnTheHub site, also known as the ELMS site, per the End User License Agreement Windows 8 Enterprise will not become available as it is designed for lab installs at the school.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or a member of my support team. You can contact me by phone at 866-643-9421 or by email at We are available Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 5:30pm PST. Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

  57. OK says:

    ok, win8 enterprise won't be available… but vs2012 ultimate? the email does not make me any smarter…

  58. Andrew Scott says:

    They only mention Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate RC, but not RTM.  I had replied asking about the RTM

  59. Robert E. Evans says:

    Lee? Can we get any official info on that? 🙂

  60. Andrew Scott says:

    Some more items are now being placed on Dreamspark Premium, but be prepared to forgive them if the webpage doesn't seem to load correctly.  At least it isn't loading correctly on my computer.

  61. Andrew Scott says:

    The items being loaded now are the symbols, the language packs, and the Debugged/Checked builds of Windows 8, but so far not the Enterprise edition of Windows 8, nor Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate yet.

  62. Andrew Scott says:

    The Test Professional Edition of Visual Studio 2012 is now posted.

  63. Andrew Scott says:

    Never mind about the page loading, for it is fixed

  64. mjst12 says:

    I see that the Language packs were added recently so are these the "rolling releases of additional languages following on a week after" as mentioned in this article or there will be added different versions with integrated languages in the future?

  65. Andrew Scott says:

    Maybe they are saving the Ultimate version of Visual Studio for last.  Last week they posted Visual Studio 2012 Premium and the .NET Framework 4.5.  This week, they posted Visual Studio 2012 Test Professional and a few other Windows 8-related items.

  66. Lee Stott says:

    To all

    The Ultimate version will be published, we simply don't yet have a ETA of availability but we can confirm this will before the start of the term. So within the next few weeks. Institutional DreamSpark Premium admins have had this for the last few weeks via the admin portal and I'm aware a number of UK universities have already installed this across their computer labs.

    So are you all building apps or simply wanting to build Windows 8 apps?

  67. Andrew Scott says:

    @Lee, the term has already started for various colleges in the US.

  68. Lee Stott says:


    Sorry to hear that your term has already started. I look at after the UK and this blog is aimed at the academics, not students I can confirm all the versions of the software are ready for institutions to be deploy to labs via their admin portal. I know within the UK we be making all versions of the software available to students around the start of term so end of Sept being Oct in line with the academic session.

  69. Andrew Scott says:

    This just in!  Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate has now been posted.

  70. Andrew Scott says:

    Windows Server 2012 has been listed but is temporarily unavailable at this moment.

  71. realkaka2204 says:


    I see "Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-bit (English-Great Britain)" on DreamSpark. What's product? Is it different English version?

  72. Andrew Scott says:

    @realkaka2204, This is the professional version of Windows 8 in the English-Great Britain Language.  I am surprised to find this in the USA.  I expected this to be localized to Great Britain, or in the United Kingdom.

  73. Francois says:

    Indeed, VS2012 Ultimate has been posted. Now still waiting for W8 Enterprise..

  74. Robert E. Evans says:

    Francois: You won't get Windows 8 Enterprise. See Andrew Scott's comment from 7 Sep 2012, 11:49 AM:

    "Per the End User License Agreement Windows 8 Enterprise will not become available as it is designed for lab installs at the school."

    The table posted above is only valid for ELMS administrators, not for students.

  75. Francois says:


    Ah, thanks, totally missed that.

  76. Nail S says:

    Hello, my university has active DreamSpark Premium subscription, but there is only two license keys for Windows 8 are available and no ways to get more keys. Can you help with that?

  77. realkaka2204 says:

    @Nail S,

    DreamSpark Premium account only get 2 key for Windows 8 (32-bit & 64bit). You can't get more.

  78. Lee Stott says:

    Nail S

    Yes DreamSpark are no longer issuing batches of retail keys for student installs.

    Many changes to our program benefits have been introduced with Windows 8 this has affected all of our programs i.e MSDN, TechNet, not just DreamSpark.

    The overarching approach for this release has been to reduce surface area to support antipiracy efforts.

    We have lab keys (1 key, 500 activations) and Student keys (1 key, 2 activations) to support the DreamSpark program for Windows 8.

    The student keys are distributed individually so this allow students to install windows 8 onto two machines only. Individual students need to go to ELMS to get their keys.

    The Enterprise version of Windows 8 still has the lab keys with 500 activations each.  Windows 8 Professional does not have lab keys, only retail keys, so institutions should install Enterprise on their lab PCs.

    Best wishes


  79. Alejandro says:

    I can  download only VS 2012 Professional  32 Bits. And Version 64 bit?  It is possible ? I want Spanish version

  80. Andrew Scott says:

    They only have 32 bit of Visual Studio 2012 Professional.

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