Windows 8 Curricula and resources now at Faculty Connection

We are pleased to announce three university level courses are now available on Faculty Connection. 

The courses are modular for easy integration into existing curricula; they are application development oriented; each contains instructor guides, PPTs, labs/tutorials and video files that accompany the exercise files.

Designing for Modern UI

· 11 modules that provide lectures and tutorials on how to design for the Windows 8 UI using Metro language.

  • 100 Level for Human Computer Interaction (HCI)  classes;   focus is on UI design using Metro style
  • Prerequisites:  none; suitable for any college student
  • Audience: any audience;  no programming skills required

Application Development for Modern UI

  • This curriculum contains 9 modules that cover the fundamental concepts of developing Metro style app using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 with Microsoft's tools and resources.
  • 100/200 Level for web design classes/apps development
  • Prerequisites:   students need to have basic programming skill, i.e.  Intro to Computing (101) or AP Computing; usually required by any HE institution as part of 1st year classes.
  • Audience: any audience - science, engineering, art, etc

App Development for Modern Devices

  • This course covers development systems for phones, tablets and desktop computers, focusing on  a) fundamentals of building network aware software, b) interfaces for touch and NUI devices such as Kinect; c) graphics programming such as writing code that displays augmented reality experiences
  • 200/300  Level for CS; Engineering; Science programs with apps development
  • Prerequisites:   students need to have basic programming skill and understanding of math and science
  • Audience: STEM disciplines

For additional resources for Windows 8 Metro Style Design and App development see my previous blog post on Windows 8 development resources

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