Windows 8 – Develop great Metro Style Apps



So how do you go about developing Metro Style Apps for Windows 8?

‘Metro style’ apps are built for the new Metro touch interface for Windows 8, and will be able to run on any Windows 8 device, whether that’s full function PCs and laptops, or the different kind of Windows 8 slate devices running Intel or ARM chips. If you’re already testing the Windows 8 Release Preview, you’ll know that an Intel-based computer running Windows 8 can run all of your existing Windows software, plus the new Metro style apps.

Microsoft Surface  

The following presentation is a nice Introduction to Windows 8 within Academia

View more presentations from Microsoft Education UK

Useful resources to building Windows 8 Metro Style apps

Resources from TechEd Europe


A Selection of useful videos from Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 on Metro Style App development

FREE Ebook


  • The life story of a Metro Style App
  • Quickstart
  • App Anatomy and Page Navigation
  • Controls, Control Styling, and Basic Data Binding

And the further 14 chapters will come out over the next few months. But if you’re interested in getting started, or you’ve got students that you know will want to have a go, then this is a good start.

You can either download it in PDF directly, or go and read a bit more about it on the Microsoft Press blog.


Here’s a long list of more free technical ebooks from Microsoft Press.

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