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Microsoft Research’s Project Hawaii extends the Windows Phone with the power of the cloud. The smartphone provides the sensors, mobility, and data; the cloud provides powerful algorithms to enable scenarios that would otherwise not be possible. The newly released Project Hawaii Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.0, developed by the Mobility and Research Group, has added four more cloud services to Project Hawaii’s existing line-up, namely:

· Key value pair, which enables the storage of any data in the cloud—easily and quickly

· Translation, which, well, translates from one language to another

· Text to speech, which does just what its name implies

· Path prediction, which narrows location searches based on the direction of travel

Microsoft Research continues to offer Project Hawaii to a growing list of universities worldwide (50 by spring 2012), with more than 2,000 students already using the Hawaii SDK in the last year or so.

Take a look at some of these exciting projects developed by students.

If your interested in the opportunities of Hawaii Learn more about Project Hawaii by reading the following blog.

If your interested in experimenting with Hawaii you can download the SDK.

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