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If you are interested in learning more about how to build a private cloud using System Center 2012 can now go through fourteen guided labs that show the main features and describe the components that make up a Microsoft private cloud. The labs are accessible from a web browser, with no local software installation required. A 150-page comprehensive private cloud evaluation guide is also included.

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Core Capabilities Addressed in the Guided Labs:
  • Provide resources through self-service requests
  • Drive consistent Service Delivery
  • Provision additional cloud infrastructure
  • Delegate cloud resources
  • Create consistency through service templates
  • Perform a standardized application deployment to test
  • Stage application resources
  • Self-service deployment of an application to a production environment
  • Gain insight and visibility through reporting
  • Monitor infrastructure
  • Taking corrective actions in the infrastructure
  • Reduce time to resolution with application performance monitoring
  • Deploy an update to service instance
  • Explore creating dashboards

A Microsoft private cloud dramatically changes the way your business produces and consumes IT services by creating a layer of abstraction over your pooled IT resources. This allows your datacenter to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services.

Microsoft private cloud solutions are built on System Center and Windows Server.

System Center 2012 empowers you with a common management toolset for your private and public cloud applications and services. System Center helps you confidently deliver IT as a Service for your business.

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (optional download) will give you improved powerful virtualization capabilities that can transform how you deliver IT services to your end users and enable you to lay the foundation of a private cloud infrastructure.

Need more information? See the product details page.

Interested in a Microsoft private cloud software download evaluation? Click here to get started.

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