Building Windows 8 Apps in the curricula


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Last week Geoff and I attended a number of University graduation showcase events across the country, firstly thank you for the invites and its great to see the outcomes of students projects and the use of Microsoft Technology. A number of students and academics also asked me some interesting questions in relation to the development of Windows 8 and specifically how to include some aspects of Windows 8 Metro into the curriculum. One of the easiest ways of implementing Windows 8 into your teaching is to simply add in a small work item of converting an existing app to Metro as a learning exercise, this may also be great a MSc or MPhil project for an existing application or service.

There are a lot of useful resources out there on porting existing applications to Metro apps, a successfully ported app will of course run beautifully on Windows 8 and this may be a great way of introducing/exposing students to the Metro UI and design principles:

Design-focused articles

Porting a website

  • Migrating a web app to Metro app – this short article is focused on development and conversion of a front-end web app to a Metro app using HTML/JavaScript
  • Migrating a website to Metro app – this short article is focused on development and discusses some back-end considerations like communication, streaming, security, client package deployment, data sharing, and syndication

Porting a Windows Phone app

Hope the above give you some food for thought of how you may start thinking about the opportunities of Windows 8 and the Metro UI.

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