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.NET Gadgeteer can be used in schools to help students make gadgets and learn C# programming along the way. These lesson plans give teachers all the material needed to run 8 1-hour sessions using .NET Gadgeteer. You will also need the hardware, details of which are given at

The material consists of 8 sessions relating to 3 projects:

  • School Project 1: Building a digital camera
  • School Project 2: Creating a stop watch
  • School Project 3: Creating a game

The aim of each session is:

  • Session 1: A basic digital camera
    • Put together the hardware components needed to make a basic digital camera
    • Write the code needed to create a basic digital camera
  • Session 2: Extending the camera (part 1)
    • Extend the digital camera to use the LED to indicate when the camera can take a picture
    • Further extend the digital camera to save pictures to an SD Card
  • Session 3: Extending the camera (part 2)
    • Extend the digital camera to read the pictures from the SD Card and display the names of the pictures on the display
    • Further extend the camera such that the pictures are saved using the next available number
    • Further extend the digital camera to count the number of pictures and show a slideshow of the pictures on the SD Card
  • Session 4: Creating a stop watch
    • Create a stop watch with two buttons
  • Session 5: Extending the stop watch
    • Extend the stop watch so that it includes a larger font
    • Add a visual interface to the stop watch
    • Add the touch screen so that there are on-screen buttons rather than hardware buttons to start, stop and reset the counter
  • Session 6: Create a simple game using the joystick (part 1)
    • Use the joystick to move a ball around the screen
    • Create a simple game where the ball has to be moved into a container on the screen
  • Session 7: Create a simple game using the joystick (part 2)
    • Extend the simple game created in Session 6 to place the ball in a container and keep a score
  • Session 8: Create a simple game using the joystick (part 3)
    • Complete the joystick ball-in-a-box game, consolidating previous skills
    • Encourage students to explore how they could implement their own ideas for a gadget
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