Imagine Cup 2012 UK Winners

On Wednesday 25h April, the UK will be hosting its local Imagine Cup finals at Microsoft Campus in Reading. UK. Finalists form the Software Design Imagine Cup competition, will have their entries judged by to a panel of industry leading judges.  Winners not only travel to the worldwide final in July, but received a Windows Phone 7 device and a selection of goodies to help them on their way!

The Judges


The Prizes


First Place Team:

Each team member wins a Windows Phone, a trip to the Microsoft Technology Center in Reading and the grand prize detailed below

Second Place Team

Each team member wins a Windows Phone

Third Place Team

Each team member wins a Pocket Digital Camcorder

First Place Team Grand Prize:

The team that wins First place in the UK Software Development Competition Finals, as announced on 25 April 2012, will also qualify to participate in the Worldwide Finals of the Imagine Cup 2012 which will be held in Sydney, Australia in July 2012. As detailed in the Imagine Cup Official Rules each team member of the First place team, and the Team Mentor, will receive return economy flights from the major airport nearest the finalists’ residence, hotel accommodation on a room only basis, and select meals

The Teams


Team Bazinga! From Motherwell College – were inspired to use smartphone technology to inspire students all about Science ! “Professor Duffy’s Interactive Labs app” is a complete science Lab on the phone utilising various sensors on the phone to demonstrate the practical side of science in a fun and interactive way.

Team 0x32: From Teesside University were inspired to develop Cloud Doctor – In Ethiopia for example there is 1 doctor to 50,000. Cloud Doctor as the name implies, harnesses Windows Azure and Cloud technologies combined with Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets to deliver an on-demand , flexible and intelligent collaboration system – connecting healthcare workers in the 3rd world with specialists and doctors all over the world who volunteer their time to help patients on the ground..

Team EyeWorks: From Northumbria University and Newcastle College were inspired to develop  - MIRA.  A Mobile Intelligent Retinal Analysis platform. MIRA is a cloud based platform that utilises Smartphone technology coupled with a specialist lens attachment developed at Northumbria University to identify early stage sight loss in the 3rd world.

Team WykeWare: From the University of Hull were inspired to develop a smartphone application to assist those people with a risk of falling be it the elderly or people prone to fainting. Their submission embraced cloud technology to match emergencies  and responders to identify how to prioritise how best to help.

Team Sentient Systems:  From the University of Reading were inspired to develop “Sentience” a cost effective software solution designed to run affordable , advanced and customizable robot systems utilising cloud based distribution, plug-in architectures, commodity frameworks and low cost hardware specifically Kinect !

Team Loading: From The University of Manchester were inspirited to develop project Sky High>. Project Sky High is a windows phone application combined with  a netduino hardware sensor to allow aid workers in the 3rd world to transform a smarphone into a cost effective portable ultrasound scanner and mobile blood monitor. The patient data will be recorded in the cloud in Windows Azure and accessible by a medical professional

Best of luck to the UK Finalist.. watch this space for winner announcement

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