Kinect for Windows curriculum resources


I am happy to let you know that the new Kinect for Windows curriculum resources are now available for download from Faculty Connection.  These resources, created by Rob Miles (University of Hull, UK), are arranged into a half-semester course consisting of Lectures, Labs/Demos with Tutorials accompanied by a 57-page ebook.  It contains information on the Windows Kinect sensor bar, the Windows Kinect SDK v1.0 and how to write Kinect programs/apps. It assumes a working knowledge of the C# programming language, the XNA framework and program development using Visual Studio.

These materials can be used as follows:

· Integrated into a CS course, such as Programming 2, HCI, Computer Graphics, NUI, etc.

· Two-day instructor led workshop

· Self-study


1. Introduction

a. Welcome

b. What you need to develop code

2. An Introduction to Kinect

a. The Kinect Sensor

b. Inside a Kinect Sensor Bar

c. Connecting the Sensor Bar

d. Installing the Kinect for Windows SDK

e. What We Have Learned

3. Writing Kinect Programs

a. Using the Kinect Video Camera

b. Using the Kinect Depth Camera

c. Using Sound with Kinect

d. What We Have Learned

4. Kinect Natural User Interfaces

a. People tracking in Kinect

b. Creating Augmented Reality

c. Adding Voice Response

d. What We Have Learned

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