.NET Gadgeteer Updates, resources and 1st Book Publication


Gadgeteer support for .NET Micro Framework 4.2 is on the way, which means you'll soon be able to run Gadgeteer on .NETMF 4.2-compatible mainboards like GHI's Fez Cerberus.  This update also enables Gadgeteer apps to be written using Visual Basic (Visual Studio or Visual Basic 2010 Express).

A beta version of GadgeteerCore is now available on Codeplex for people who want an early peek.  Most Gadgeteer modules and mainboards still target NETMF 4.1 so most users won't see anything changed - your existing projects will continue to work as they currently do and you can still create new .NETMF 4.1 compatible projects.  If you have a Cerberus and you're feeling adventurous, though, you can try creating a Gadgeteer NETMF 4.2 project. 


The very first book on .NET Gadgeteer, Simon Monk's "Getting Started With .NET Gadgeteer" is available for pre-order from O'Reilly Press and other booksellers. In addition to introducing core Gadgeteer concepts, it contains several project walkthroughs: a camera backup device, a game, a Web picture messenger and more.

See more at the book's Web site:  http://www.gadgeteerbook.com/home

See more details on Gadgeteer at the Gadgeteer blog http://blogs.msdn.com/b/net_gadgeteer/

See more details on Gadgeteer Curricula at http://www.netmf.com/gadgeteer/curriculum.aspx

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