Channel 9 Windows 8 Application

Channel 9 is home base online for technical know how, how to’s and tips and tricks.

Channel 9 is used by millions of Developers worldwide each month through videos, how to articles and events.

We are excited to announce that the team has just released a Channel 9 application in the Windows 8 App Store. 

So Install the application today on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and easily browse the latest content on Channel 9, share content with your friends and view content on any of your Play To Enabled devices. 

To find the app, Search the Windows 8 App store for Channel 9.


Comments (6)
  1. Ian says:

    Looks good, do you guys intend releasing the source code for this app?

  2. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Ian

    Thanks for the feedback, at the present time the team is not releasing the specific code for this app. But keep an eye on and Channel9 as lots of source content and sample galleries are now being made available.

    If your interested in building a Windows 8 metro app, then read more here…/windows-8-app-development-build-an-app-now.aspx and attend one of our dedicated camps.

  3. jamie says:

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  4. LeftWanting says:

    With Windows RP the app is no longer available in the store. Do you have a release pending? It was a great start to a dedicated app. I hope it's not tabled.

  5. Lenny says:

    Any update on when we'll see the RP release?  I really relied on the app to keep me up to date on all Channel 9 news and I would love to see it re-released

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