Microsoft Research solutions

Research solutions from Microsoft, targeted at research departments in higher education institutions, the aim is to help you rapidly establish a platform for secure, collaborative research using, smart tools for analysis, development and professional authoring - all underpinned by scalable High Performance and cloud computing. For example, Microsoft Research has worked with several partners and a few higher education customers to develop a portfolio of complimentary virtual research kits now accessible on Codeplex. The free kits are Sharepoint extensions which allow customers to set up research web portals to house research projects including organization tools, integrated workflows, document management, real-time communications and easy team collaboration.

With the onset of Azure and its open platform of applications and new SharePoint extensions for researchers, Microsoft now has a very robust set of products to simplify the management of research and reduce the costs of performing research in higher education institutions.

From parsing big data to providing analytics to archiving and publishing findings, Microsoft and our partners have the technology to support research management engagements of all sizes.


The portfolio of Sharepoint extensions for Research Management are listed on

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