Share your curriculum materials with your peers


Whether you’re using existing curriculum materials you found on Faculty Connection or created your own lectures, labs, or tutorials, we'd like you to please take a few minutes to contribute to our global repository so that others can leverage your insights in their own teaching.

Registered Faculty Connection users are especially interested in lecture materials that teach students to use Visual Studio to build applications using Windows Phone, Windows Azure or Windows 8, including suggested class projects and labs.

Additional guidance for students ready to build commercial applications for the Windows Store or Windows Phone Marketplace, and training aids for students preparing for the Imagine Cup are among the regularly requested materials. All contributions are welcome in any language.

We are continuing to improve our rating system and build features such as a new curriculum alert to help authors track related materials and stay up to date.

Additionally we have improved the search which now uses the new Silverlight powered Visual Search to quickly find new contributions from faculty around the world.

So please do get in touch which any questions or suggestions and help to contribute to our global repository of teaching, learning materials which are provided by academics for academics.

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