Developing Windows 8 applications for education


If you’ve installed and started playing with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. You will be aware there is lot of interest in new applications which run in the Windows 8 Metro interface. Microsoft UK is organising a series of Windows 8 Developer Camps. The events are all free and run by developers for developers. The events will teach and demonstrate the technologies, tools and skills for developing Metro style apps, and you can put theses skills into practice on the day. So all you need to bring is your laptop, with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed.

You have to register to get a place the first batch of events are already filling up with  and  if your already a Windows Phone developer you should consider migrating your Windows Phone app to Windows 8.

These events aren’t specifically about developing Windows 8 applications for education, but everything which is taught and demonstrated will be relevant to developing specific applications for teaching, learning and research.

When and where we’re running the Windows 8 Developer Camps

(London, Manchester and Edinburgh) This tour focuses on creating broad awareness and excitement around the Windows 8 opportunities for developers.

These are 1 day events which are delivered by our Windows 8 Champs with the goal of providing accelerated learning to Windows 8 application development.

You can register for all of these events on the UK Tech.Days home page.

London, Friday, 30th March 2012 – Register

Manchester, Friday, 27th April 2012 – Register

Edinburgh, Tuesday, 1st May 2012 – Register

Windows 8 Camp – By UK Tech.Days

Registration for these camps will be going live in late March at UK Tech.Days home page.

London, Wednesday 8th May 2012, Thursday 10th May 2012 & Thursday 17th May 2012 – Coming Soon

Birmingham, Monday 21st May 2012 – Coming Soon

Manchester, Wednesday 23 May 2012 – Coming Soon

Edinburgh, Friday 25th May 2012 – Coming Soon

Why you should be developing Windows 8 applications for education

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering why you, or your colleagues, might want to spend a day learning about developing Windows 8 applications for education. Here’s my list of 3 key reasons:


  • The earlier you have an application in the Windows 8 marketplace, the more exposure you are going to get. Today the marketplace has a limited number of applications, so new ones are getting a high profile.
  • We are looking for a number of Academic and Student showcase applications so if you or your students are working on exciting/interested Windows 8 application let us know at
  • Our Education account teams are currently installing Windows 8 onto their laptops and starting to demonstrate it to their customers. If you create an education specific app, then its a good chance that the UK education team will be demonstrating your software to a lot of our early adopter customers in the next few months.
  • You’re demonstrating your innovation, to innovative customers (the people installing Windows 8 right now are the leading edge innovators)

Even if you can't get to the workshops, do you know about the MSDN Windows 8 Metro App Development Centre?

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