Moodle to Microsoft Live@edu plugin


Last week, Moodle Rooms announced that the updated plug in will be available to the Moodle community beginning February 23rd.

I just wanted to highlight the great work done by Moodle Rooms in developing this plug in and providing it to the Moodle community as it offers the following functionality

- Log into courses using their Windows Live ID and display select Live Services on a Moodle site.

- View and compose emails and calendar events within a Moodle site using Outlook® Live

- Access Windows Live Messenger chat and Bing™ search engine within a course.

This will offer huge advantages to those institutions with Moodle and Live@edu user base and will enhance the Moodle teaching and learning experience.


This is a great example of interoperability between Microsoft and open source solutions, something Microsoft strongly supports and will continue to support in the future.

Additional resources and links

- Download -

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· Blogs: Openness blog and Education Insights

· Twitter: @OpenAtMicrosoft

· Video on the Openness site and Live@edu

- More details on UK Live@edu Blog

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