Team Foundation Server 2010


Team Foundation Server and what’s is the benefits of using TFS within your teaching labs?

So what is Team Foundation Server 2010.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 provides the code collaboration functionality for your software development students within a single very integrated product.

These functionality provides

  • Project management.
  • Work item Tracking.
  • Version Control.
  • Test case management.
  • Build automation.
  • Reporting.
  • Virtual lab management.

TFS is separated server product designed specifically for engineering teams with developers, testers, architects, project managers, system analyst and all others who is part of software development life cycle.

Team Foundation Server on premise consist of two parts can be deployed in single / many machines

  • Application tier which is a set of web services with which the client machines communicate by using a highly optimized web service- based protocol.
  • Data tier which is a SQL server database containing the database logic of TFS application, all data stored in database is used by TFS reporting functionality.

Team Foundation Server 2010 in the cloud – TFS Preview on Azure

I specifically want to discuss the latest preview release of Team Foundation Server which is available on windows Azure cloud as a SaaS service, allowing to quickly adopt TFS with the minimal infrastructure and administration burden. When we discuss the cloud the first questions are over security, compliance and concerns of source code and IPR. A typical comments we see is “I cannot host my source code in Microsoft or codeplex environment since the information we have is valuable to the institution”. This is a misconception that is common when it comes to the “cloud”. Especially there are a private and public cloud options. If you don’t want your source code out of your network firewall you could use a private cloud SAAS,  use the following Cloud assessment tool

To date we are working with a number of UK Universities in relation to this preview release, and have a number of invitation codes available for UK Academics. We have these codes available for you to validate and use a implementation of  Team Foundation Services in the cloud.

So if your interested in testing this solution please send a request to from your academic email. The purpose of this preview and invitation codes are to allow you as academics and teaching institutions to

1. Understand the new process and allows you some time to evaluate and become aware of the opportunity of the cloud.

2. It provides a very simply way of proving this new tool to you. So we want to easily demonstrate that TFS Preview offers a solution to many institutions who are looking for a Cloud Hosted TFS or simply even a source code repository for their team working environment.

3. We hope TFS 2010 will be revolution in all aspects such as (Workflow builds, infrastructure, Lab management, Test manager, work items, SharePoint dashboards, project server integration and student performance monitoring).

What are the benefits

Team Foundation Service Preview enables everyone on your team to collaborate more effectively, be more agile, and deliver better quality software.

  • Project management capabilities and improvement in ALM (Agile Project Management).
  • Centralize the security administration.
  • Team explorer improvements.
  • Build improvements.
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Code Review Features.
  • Continuous Integration.
  • Version control improvements.

How to go about using TFS Preview

  • Make sure you are using IE 8 or later.
  • Download and install visual studio 2011 developer preview from here or you can use visual studio 2010 SP1 after installing this hotfix KB2581206.
  • Open this URL (
  • Click on create account.


  • Click on “Click here to register.” or Enter Invitation Code




  • Register with you Windows Live ID


  • Now you are in TFS cloud


Connecting to TFS in the Cloud from Visual Studio 2010


  • Ensure you have SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 2010 KB2581206
  • Open Visual Studio 2010
  • From the start page select Connects To Team Foundation Server.
  • Add new server; fill the server name (https://[NAME]



Visual Studio 2011 Beta

If your interested in developing for Windows 8 then you will need to use Visual Studio 2011 which includes a full Windows 8 emulator and Windows 8 Metro solution templates.

You can download and install Visual studio 2011from here

There has been a number of improvements with Visual Studio 2011, I will quickly walk you through connecting Visual Studio 2011 to TFS Preview.

  • Open visual studio 2011 developer preview.
  • From team explorer connects to Team Foundation Server.
  • Here you are this is the new team explorer.


The first thing I will do is create new team project.


A browser window open to create new team project.


  • Fill the name ,description and choose the process template. Currently in this version its not possible to customize process template.
  • Click create project and wait to finish creating team project.


  • After finish click Navigate to Project.
  • Back to team explorer in the VS 2011 and select created ‘Demo’ team project.
  • Click to My Work, as you see below you have list of work items assigned to you and you can quickly do action like ( Finish, Suspend your current work item by move it out of your workspace and into a shelve set)


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