Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship 2012– Results


Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship 2012

We are pleased to announce the final results of this year’s PhD Scholarship Programme. 

In September 2011, Microsoft Research received 110 PhD applications which were reviewed by 148 internal and external reviewers between October and December 2011. Microsoft Research  have now selected 16 applications that will be funded through Microsoft Research Connections starting in the academic year 2012/13.

Four proposals relate to the new Joint Initiative in Informatics with Edinburgh University.

The selected applications are listed below.

Applicants have already been informed of the decision.

Selected applications

Development of an Executable Model Encapsulating Blood Cell Development from Pluripotent Embryonic Stem Cells
Supervisor: Berthold Gottgens, University of Cambridge
MSR Supervisor: Jasmin Fisher

Incremental and Adaptive Symbolic Execution
Supervisor: Cristian Cadar, Imperial College London
MSR Supervisor: Miguel Castro

Supporting a 'Sense of Home' in Care Homes: an Exploration of Digital Design with People Living with Dementia
Supervisor: Jayne Wallace, Northumbria University
MSR Supervisors: Tim Regan, Siân Lindley

Efficient Approximations for Fast Simulations: Application to Building Designs
Supervisor: Leo Liberti, Ecole Polytechnique
MSR Supervisor: Youssef Hamadi

Inferring From Integrity Constraints Through JavaScript Analysis
Supervisor: Michael Benedikt, University of Oxford
MSR Supervisor: Matt Parkinson

Virtualization and High-Productivity for Many-Cores
Supervisor: Mikel Lujan, University of Manchester
MSR Supervisor: Tim Harris

Automated Design of Revenue-Maximizing Ad Auctions
Supervisor: Mingyu Guo, University of Liverpool
MSR Supervisors: Yoram Bachrach, Peter Key 

Supervisor: Oliver Bimber, Johannes Kepler University
MSR Supervisors: Shahram Izadi, Otmar Hilliges

Content-based Relevance Estimation on the Web

Supervisor: Oren Kurland, Technion
MSR Supervisors: Filip Radlinski, Milad Shokouhi

Developing Novel Computational Methods to Describe and Predict Human Behaviour in Earth System Models

Supervisor: Paul Palmer, University of Edinburgh
MSR Supervisor: Drew Purves

Dynamic Modelling of HIV Recognition by the Immune System

Supervisor: Peter Coveney, University College London
MSR Supervisor: Neil Dalchau

Systematic Assessment of Uncertainty in Couples Carbon-Nitrogen Cycle Models and their Climate Feedbacks

Supervisor: Sönke Zaehle, MPI for Biogeochemistry
MSR Supervisor: Matthew Smith

Joint Initiative in Informatics with Edinburgh University

Machine Learning Markets
Supervisor: Amos Storkey, University of Edinburgh
MSR Supervisors: Peter Key, Thore Graepel

Statistical Language Processing for Programming Language Text
Supervisor: Charles Sutton, University of Edinburgh
MSR Supervisors: Andy Gordon, Thore Graepel

Machine Learning Methods for Formal Dynamical Systems: a Systems Biology Case Study
Supervisor: Jane Hillston/Guido Sanguinetti, University of Edinburgh
MSR Supervisors: Luca Cardelli, Andrew Phillips

Holistic Evaluation in LINQ
Supervisor: Stratis Viglas, University of Edinburgh
MSR Supervisor: Gavin Bierman

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