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Thanks to all of the Universities who have updated their curricula to include Windows Phone.

For the past few month we have been running a number of Phone Camp across the UK and judging from all the questions and comments in relation to METRO there is clearly a lot of interest and passion around this topic from academics and students. 

So I thought I would share with you all a quick set of resources for Windows Phone Development.

Windows Phone

Consumer site

AppHub – Developer Site for Windows Phone

Windows Phone YouTube Channel (Watch Social, App and Web videos)


Windows Phone SDK

Windows Phone UX Guidelines

Design Templates for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone Grid

31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design

Get started, get the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (Mango)

Silverlight Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) Toolkit

Microsoft Design .toolbox Tutorials

Microsoft Design .toolbox Courses

· Calculator

· Daily Awesome

· Air Hockey

· Golf

Windows Phone Geek - UX Resources

Jeff Wilcox’s “Metro” design guide for developers, v1.00

Quick Spacing, Margin, and Icon Tips for Windows Phone Devs


Full Day Event Windows Phone Design Sessions

Windows Phone Design Day

Metro | the foundation

Metro | the foundation part II

Think & Design | sketch, wireframe, prototype, design

Refine | Best Practices

Build | Building a Windows Phone App Prototype with Expression Blend (Note: this video includes both REFINE and BUILD. BUILD starts at

BUILD 2011

Windows Phone User Experience Design


All Thumbs: Redesigning an Existing UI to Suit Windows Phone 7

Analyzing and Improving Windows Phone Application Performance

Application Design for Windows Phone

Windows Phone UI and Design Language (MIX10)

Design Talks

Mike Kruzeniski: Personal, Relevant. Connected: Designing Integrated Mobile Experiences for Apps and Web

How was CocktailFlow Designed? Creating a Beautiful Windows Phone 7 Application

Albert Shum Talking about Windows Phone

ReMIX South 2011 Keynote with Albert Shum and Arturo Toledo

Channel 9

Silverlight TV 81: Four Great Windows Phone UX Tips

Silverlight TV 69: UX and Perceived Performance of WP7 Apps

Silverlight TV 83: Using Wireframes to Visually Communicate a Windows Phone Experience

Silverlight TV 75: Quick and Dirty UX Testing (Design Tips Mini Series)

Silverlight TV 78: Designing Tiles and Splash Screens for Windows Phone (Design Tips Mini Series)

Inside Windows Phone #24 - User Experience for Windows Phone Apps


Windows Phone Design Team @wpdesignteam

Windows Phone @windowsphone

Mike Kruseniski Blog Twitter @mkruzeniski

Corrina Black, Windows Phone Design Lead for Developer Experience @corrinab

Arturo Toledo, UX Designer Developer Experience @arturot

Windows Phone Design Twitter List!/arturot/windows-phone-design

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    Great list of resources. Thanks for sharing!

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