Great news for Universities who are using PhoneGap for App development – Full Support for Windows Phone


PhoneGap version 1.3 has just been announced with full support for Windows Phone

We want to highlight that all the features of the popular mobile framework are supported on Windows Phone 7.5. The Microsoft Interoperability team have blogged about this here.

This release extends the cross-platform capabilities of PhoneGap, giving more choices to developers in need of a programming environment allowing them to easily deliver the same mobile experience to their users across the various existing and prominent mobile operating systems.


In addition to being able to leverage their HTML5 and Javascript skills to target Windows Phone, developers can now enjoy a selection of PhoneGap Plugins that support social networks and a solid integration into Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone.

The plugins are now available for download here.

Plugin Features

· Facebook JS SDK
· Twitter/LinkedIn/WindowsLive status retriever
· Bing Maps Launcher
· LiveTile Update


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  1. genefer says:

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