SQL Azure Labs

SQL Azure Labs

What is SQL Azure Labs?

Azure Labs is a place where we test concept ideas and prototypes. The projects in labs are experiments with no current plans to be included in a product and are not production quality. Instead it is a place where we want to share our current thinking and ideas in specific areas and solicit your feedback so we can shape our future direction.

What ideas are being offered?

This week SQL Azure Labs launched Microsoft Codename “Data Transfer” Lab on the SQL Azure Labs site. This lab provides Azure users with an easy-to-use Web application for importing their data into SQL Azure or Blob storage. Users can now transfer structured data and files into Azure using any standard modern browser. 

One of the goals we have for this lab is to take the complexity out of typical operations, such as loading structured data in CSV and Excel files into SQL Azure. The lab service provides simple parsing, type discovery and conversion over files in a wizard-like experience.

The second goal we have for this lab is to learn from our users. We intend to use this lab to measure demand for the service and to shape the service based on direct customer feedback. We’ll use all the standard channels for collecting customer data: SQL Azure Labs Support Forum, webtrends, and application instrumentation. You’ll also notice surveys and pop-up questionnaires sprinkled throughout the lab during “down time.”

The SQL Azure Labs team intent is to keep this lab live for three months. They will continue to evolve the lab during this test period. They will be changing surveys and questions. They will be refreshing the lab with support for larger file sizes, multi-file transfer, simple conversions for more types of files into SQL Azure, and reliable transfer that handles dropped connections.

Giving Feedback

If you have feedback or suggestions about this lab or about, please feel free to contact the SQL Azure Labs team directly via the feedback link.

What to know more about Windows Azure services

If your interested in learning more or experimenting with Windows Azure please use the following 90 day trail offer

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