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Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket, which was first announced as Microsoft Project Codename “Dallas”. The Windows Azure MarketPlace changes the way information is exchanged by offering a wide range of content from authoritative commercial and public sources in a single marketplace. This makes it easier to find and purchase the data you need to power your applications and analytics.


Find and publish applications and building block services for Windows Azure
Directory available -

Data Sets

The data market is simply a resource for discovering, purchasing, & selling data, Data can be hosted in Windows Azure or by the data provider
All data available within the Data Market is exposed as OData services, present data providers include:, Navteq, Greg London, etc.
Directory & Commerce available today -

So what are the benefits?

Building an application becomes much simpler. DataMarket provides a single location a marketplace for data where you can search for, explore, try and purchase the data you need to develop an application. It also provides the data to you through a uniform interface, in a standard format (OData—see for more information). By exposing the data as OData, DataMarket ensures your able to access it on any platform (at a minimum, all you need is an HTTP stack) and from any of the many applications that support OData, including applications such as Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010, which natively supports OData. DataMarket provides a single marketplace for various content providers to make their data available for sale via a number of different offerings (each offering may make a different subset or view of the data available, or make the data available with different terms of use).

What new UK data is available?

Were pleased to announce that Open Data web site is publishing the real-time Met Office Weather forecast data into the Windows Azure Datamarket SQL database so this is now accessible by Users/Developers from  either or Windows Azure DataMarket for free.

· What is already implemented is daily + 5 days weather forecast and hourly – next 3 hrs + 5 days forecast
· We’re adding Met Office 3rd dataset – raw weather Observation data over the next week
·  Access dataset via Windows Azure MarketPlace

Getting Started with DataMarket

To get started, you register on DataMarket using a Windows Live ID and log on to the site. From here, you can search through the datasets currently available on the site, viewing the details of each (description, pricing, visualizations, terms of use and so on) to determine which publishers deliver the type of data which best suit your needs. For more details see and

Selling Data on DataMarket

Many popular apps and Web sites generate, store and consume large amounts of valuable data. But typically that data is only leveraged within the app for which it was created. With the introduction of WCF Data Services and OData, we had a simple way for developers to expose their data for broader use, offering a data services platform and making it easier for that data to be used not only within the initially intended application, but within third-party apps.

With DataMarket, there’s a simple opportunity for UK Universities to not only expose that data to apps they build, but also to generate profit by selling data they’re already required to store and maintain. DataMarket is built on Windows Azure and SQL Azure and allows publishers to create datasets for data that they host in SQL Azure. To learn more about how you can become a DataMarket publisher, check out and

Additionally for the UK Education sector there is a vast amount of open government data available here: which can be used by academics and students whom wish to build or develop applications or services.

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