Samsung Surface 2 SUR40 a bit more about PixelSense

With Samsung accepting table pre-orders for January delivery and screen production now ramping up, it looks like I will be seeing a lot of the devices within teaching, learning and research in 2012.

A number of UK universities have now placed pre orders for the SUR40 and it  looks like we may finally be moving towards seeing a consumer Surface table become a reality. Samsung have also announced some bold move looking beyond the Surface, Samsung has also hinted that it's looking for new applications for the PixelSense panels, and wants to "take the lead" in the touch display market.

Check out the video below, which explains a bit more about how PixelSense works.

With this technology the future may look like this sooner than expected.

Download the SDK and find training, documentation, and guidance on the new Surface development center at

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