22nd Machine Evaluation Workshop HPC, Windows Azure and Techila moving your workload to the cloud

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I had the pleasure of attending the 22nd Machine Evaluation Workshop in Liverpool.


Please find below a copy of the Microsoft presentation


Additionally please find some technical materials about how the Techila solution. Techila is a middleware plug-in, which enables your applications to securely harness the infinite capacity of the Cloud. The application does not need to be a special HPC application. It can be any regular application like Excel, MATLAB, R, Pearl, Python, Fortan, C/C++ .Net code. When using Techila, you just get access to the results faster.


Typical use cases for Techila and Microsoft Azure


More technical documents and some videos including language-specific tutorials can be found on the Techila web site at: http://www.techilatechnology.com/technology/technology-docs/

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