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Resource for Teaching and Learning Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone Programming in C# (Windows Phone Version 7.5)

The main text is provided as a Word document and PDF file. This contains the entire text, broken into chapters.


The Demos folder contains a folder for each of the chapters that have demonstration programs.

Teaching Content

For each of the chapters there is a folder with the presentations and lab content for that chapter. Each presentation has a corresponding folder containing the demonstrations for that chapter. The demonstration slides contain step by step instructions in the slide notes. Not all the demonstrations have sample projects associated with them, for these demonstrations the program will be created during the presentation. The first 9 chapters also have a lab document which contains a set of lab exercises for that chapter. Some of the lab documents also have answer documents.

The following chapters are covered in this material:

Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Platform
The Windows Phone Ecosystem
Windows Phone Program Execution
Windows Phone Application Development

Introduction to Silverlight

Program Design with Silverlight
Understanding XAML
Creating a Silverlight Application

Visual Studio Solution Management

Getting Started with Projects and Solutions
Debugging Programs
Performance Tuning

Constructing a Program with Silverlight

Improving the User Experience
Data Manipulation and Display
Managing Application Page Layout
Displaying Lists of Data
Pages and Navigation
Using ViewModel Classes

Isolated Storage on Windows Phone

Storing Data on Windows Phone

Using Databases on Windows Phone

An Overview of Database Storage
Creating Data Relationships with LINQ

Networking with Windows Phone

Networking Overview
Creating a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Connection
Creating a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Connection
Connecting to a Data Source
Using LINQ to Read from an XML Stream
Using Network Services

XNA on Windows Phone

XNA in Context
Making an XNA Program
Player Interaction in Games
Adding Sound to a Game
Playing Sound in a Silverlight Program
Managing Screen Dimensions and Orientation
Combining XNA and Silverlight

Creating Windows Phone Applications

The Windows Phone Icons and Splash Screens
Fast Application Switching
Launchers and Choosers
Background Processing

Windows Phone Marketplace

Preparing an Application for Sale
Distributing Windows Phone Applications and Games
Making your Application Stand Out
What to do Next

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