MATLAB and R on Windows Azure via Techila

Techila is a middleware solution for High Performance Computing that enables existing applications to utilize more computing capacity. I believe that the key problem in business and operational computing is the lack of application performance. There are enormous amounts of computing capacity available using Windows Azure cloud service.

Techila allows applications to utilise all available computing capacity. To try demonstrate this a great example of the benefits of Techila and the Windows Azure with Techila integration is a case study, which Techila did with a leading cancer researcher. The researchers in question had a project, which would have taken 15 years. He had developed his research application in MATLAB. He used the Windows Azure with Techila integration to boost the performance of his application with the combined power of 1200 Windows Azure instances. This allowed him to complete the project in 4,5 days! Being able to do something in 4,5 days, which usually takes 15 years gives a real competitive advantage.

Techila develop the solution in close co-operation with end-users and system administrators from the very beginning.

Techila has selected Pharma, Economics/ Financial, and Universities/ Academia as the key markets because of the fact that they are strong on Techila's home market, Finland. But I want to emphasize that unlike many other distributed computing solutions, Techila is a fully horizontal middleware, which can be used in any segment and which can increase the performance of any application: The code can be a MATLAB application, or it can be R (or C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, Fortran,...) They also offer an open API, which can be used to connect any ISV application (3DSMax, SAS, COMSOL, Sungard,...) to the Windows Azure capacity.

Also please find below a demo of run a 2-day long computation in a couple of minutes using 500 Azure instances using MATLAB:


Techila with R language can be found here:

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  1. Lee Stott says:

    Are you planning to attend the 22nd Machine Evaluation Workshop,…/index.html in Liverpool this week? If you will be in Liverpool, it would be nice to meet you and to hear more about your research projects.

    We would also love to show you, how you can do massive-scale MATLAB computing without any scalability limitations in the Cloud. Visit the Microsoft and Techila Stand

  2. Michael Croucher says:

    Can you share the MATLAB code that you used in your demos please?



  3. Lee Stott says:

    Michael thanks for the question.

    The codes are included in the Techila end-user library package, which is available for download in the Techila Extranet.

    The Techila Extranet requires registration but the access is free –

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