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DreamSpark has partnered with Windows Phone 7 and the App Hub! Now, you get the same tools professional developers and designers have, and you can sell your mobile applications and make money! Along with all the free applications, we're waiving the $99 registration fee and giving you the first 100 application submissions for free!!

App Hub is the place to distribute and merchandise your applications for Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

To get registered:

  • Go to the App Hub Registration page.
  • When prompted make sure you register as a Student.
  • Complete the App Hub registration process.
  • Use the tools you downloaded to create applications and share your creativity with the world.

Problem or issues registering?

Are you having trouble with App Hub registration to submit Windows Phone Apps? Did you get this error?

We’re sorry, an error has occurred.

We have detected an error while processing the page you were looking for. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again.


The following guidance has been issued on this issue.

Please visit www.xbox.com
Click My Accounts
Click Update Billing Account Information
Re-Enter password.

Verify that the information in the site matches what you have enter in App Hub, Also verify your account information at http://accounts.live.com.

If the error persists, try clearing your Cache and using another browser.

If you have verified all your information and still receive the error, please provide screen shots of your account information so that we can better assess the issue and it email it to App Hub Support <apphub@microsoft.com>

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